Friday, September 7, 2018

I was told this was the dress code at Vegas poker tables

Sometimes I get invited to clients’ parties or events and I really don’t like going. It’s not that I’m unsociable it’s just that they can be pretty dull. Most of the time is spent talking about work and I have to “behave”. That means I limit myself to a couple of drinks, converse politely then make my excuses and leave. On this occasion I had the perfect excuse in that I had a flight booked out of LAX around 11pm on a Friday night so would be leaving at 10pm to head to the airport. I’d been staying in Vegas all week so would take the mid afternoon flight to LAX before heading back on the last flight of the night. This occasion was a client’s Christmas drinks party and there was a black tie dress code. This was a proper PITA for me as it meant I had to haul a dinner suit (tuxedo for the Americans) & shoes with me all the way from London which ate into my luggage space. But I couldn’t really decline as I was looking to make a good impression with the client.

So it’s Friday afternoon and I’m dressed up in a taxi on the way to LAS – I look like a butler and I get plenty of “amusing” comments from parties coming into Vegas as I walk through the airport. No drink for me on the plane to LAX and I’m stone cold sober when I get to the event. Plan goes perfectly as I sip 2 drinks, nibble a couple of canapés and converse politely for a couple of hours before heading back to LAX for the flight back to Vegas. 

As I scan my mobile boarding card to get through the airport I get a message from the AA app – flight delayed. Oh fucking joy. But at least the flagship lounge is open till midnight so I head in there for a couple of drinks whilst waiting for the flight. I spent about an hour in there chatting to one of the desk agents – the place is virtually empty and I’d been through this lounge so regularly that a few of the agents knew me by name so by the time the flight is ready I’ve had about 4 drinks and now I’ve got a thirst on. Pre flight drink is offered and scooped and another is served once we’re in the air.

The flight is pretty full but luckily my seat mate leaves me alone – probably thinks I’m some sort of loon given how I’m dressed but if it means peace and quiet I might start dressing like this more often. It’s whilst I’m enjoying this quiet time that I have a brilliant idea – I’ve been in Vegas all week but I’ve actually been quite busy and I’ve not played poker since I arrived the previous weekend. So my brilliant idea is to head for a game – I’ve got no luggage and I’m already in a hotel room so I can head straight to wherever takes my fancy. It’s just after 1am when I jump into a taxi and ask to be dropped off as near as he can get to the front of the MGM before walking over to the poker room.

I’m seated virtually immediately and am glugging a beer within 10 minutes so my plan is working brilliantly. My attire is attracting quite a bit of attention and I’m asked if I’ve come from anything special to which I reply “It’s my first time in Vegas and I was told this was the dress code at Vegas poker tables – I’ve obviously been lied to”. This elicits a laugh from most of the table and I tell them the LA story. The session was pretty meh but I had a few hours chatting and drinking at the table so it was a very pleasant way to spend the early hours of a Saturday morning

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