Friday, November 29, 2019

Pray for mojo

When I'm the sensible one at the table I know it's going to be messy night.

So my client is in town and I meet him at dinner on Thursday (the week before Thanksgiving) night at the SW steakhouse at the Wynn. I'm stone cold sober, having not drunk anything since Sunday evening. My client is not sober, nor are his other guests - 2 other guys, 1 of whom I've met a couple of times before. He tells me they've been on the booze (and from their appearance presumably more illegal substances) since they left NY at lunchtime. From the looks of them it looks like it was a long flight.

There's champagne on the table so I'm encouraged to catch up to their states of drunkenness. I don't need asking twice. Shots are ordered with the appetisers and there's some very nice wine ordered too. Fuck knows how this lot are actually capable of tasting it but I'm not letting it go to waste.

Dinner is finished and we've probably got through a bottle of wine apiece, 2 bottles of champagne between us plus a couple of shots each and some whisky to finish. This dinner has probably cost more than my entire month's stay but he* signs it off with the same nonchalance that I'd tip a cocktail waitress a buck for bringing me a beer.

"The night is still young my friends" he announces as we leave the restaurant. Fuck. I was hoping he wouldn't say this - this is a precursor to him really getting started. To him, we've only just begun. But he's right - it's only 10pm and I'm certainly not capable of calling it a night this early.

We hit the tables and spend an hour or so getting more drunk there before he decides he wants to see some boobs! Now I've never been to see strippers in Vegas before - no one ever believes this but it's true. So I actually have no idea where a strip club might be - that's not a problem though as he's a regular at one particular place and has already called them to arrange transportation for the short ride there.

There's bottles of champagne and tequila on the table shortly after we arrive and he's in his element while admiring the ladies who are keen to attract his attention - who says that money isn't an aphrodisiac?

We spend a few hours in there before I head off at about 3.30am - even I can only take so much and as I leave he tells me to call him so we can make more plans for the weekend. Fuck. I'm not getting off easily.

I head off in a cab and pass out back at the Signature around 4am and I'm rudely awakened at 7am by my phone ringing. It's Mrs AC and I'd usually be up by this time. She knows I was out last night and knows exactly about the guy I was out with - he's effectively her boss (or about 3 levels up I think) so it's totally deliberate that she's calling me so early knowing how much pain I'll be in.

I'm not capable of telling her much other than

She calls me an idiot and says she'll call back later when I've had a chance to wake up.

Which is where I'll leave it for now - it's only Friday morning and the weekend has barely started!

* I'm going to clarify this - normally in a business entertaining situation the client is on the receiving end of any hospitality and the service provider (ie me) would take the client out. In this case the person that I'm referring to is our host - he has invited us to join him therefore he will (I assume personally) cover the bill. He is very "old school" and assumes that the host should cover the bill. Between us we have a more friendly relationship than client & service provider and, to coin a relevant phrase, he doesn't expect a quid pro quo, albeit when I invite him out in NY I would play the host (but there's no way my evening hosting him would cost 4 figures).


  1. Good read; this might be the big drinking weekend that will push you over the edge (in more than one way haha)!

    1. You’re not wrong - I’m going to give up beer for as long as TBC stays away from the BJ and VBJ tables. I assume he’s already cracked so I’m good for my half day at work on Wednesday as there are a bunch of EPL games tomorrow afternoon (I’m in NY this week) and I’ve got plans to watch them over a few beers with a colleague

    2. I watched CP vs Bournemouth today. With a man up, what a sorry effort by Bournemouth. Love seeing "Lester" or is it Lee-caster lol in the top 3!

    3. Haha - we love our odd place names to confuse foreigners! Good to see them doing well as us Brits love the underdogs

      Bournemouth could well go down this year - there’s talk of their manager being poached by Everton and I think they’ll struggle without him. The could then sink even lower - they are a really small club (their ground holds under 11,000) so they will struggle without the TV money that being in the EPL brings

    4. Interesting stuff. Relegation is something I wish existed in US sports. Two years ago, my brother and I were excited to see coach Jokanovic and forward Mitrovic escape CL relegation and then get promoted to the EPL. Once there, it didn't go as planned.

    5. Yeah I think US sports needs relegation too - it’s too easy to stay an awful team and just pick up the money under the collective bargaining agreements that distribute the income like the Browns or the Raiders in NFL. I don’t think the Raiders will improve in Vegas so will be interesting to see how attendances fare although they’ll get a lot of away fans plus anyone in town who wants to see a game.

      Jokanovic is a weird one - he was at Watford before Fulham and he was something like the 4th coach inside the opening two months of the season but got them promoted but I think he fell out with the owner because he didn’t renew his contract.

      Mitrovic is too good for the Championship though - I think he’ll move back to the PL in the January transfer window. The guy that owns Fulham owns the Jaguars and there’s talk that if London gets an NFL team it will be the Jags - yuck!!

    6. Would be nice to see him back in the EPL. Good luck today vs the Saints, they have God on their side (I hear)!

    7. Thanks - I think we’ll need it as we are generally pretty poor away from home. I’d be very happy with a point though

      Not sure the big man is on their side though - he certainly wasn’t a few weeks ago when they got spanked 9-0 at home by Leicester!