Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vegas fever was about to set in – hard

After the late night session at the Rio the night before we headed over to Paris for their breakfast buffet (ignore what I said earlier about buffets causing obesity as everyone knows that hangover food is free calories – don’t they??) which was included in the price we’d paid the day before. As much as the world derides English cuisine there’s a couple of dishes that we crush the world at – one being the full English breakfast and the other being a Sunday roast. This was definitely not a decent full English but I was massively hungover so just needed quantity – which I got in spades.

Most of the rest of the day was spent at the pool until we all headed over to Caesars (poker session posted separately here

Mrs AC’s relatives left the next day so we played a tournament together at the Bellagio – unfortunately my session ended early when my flopped 2 pair holding AQ got beaten by a rivered straight but Mrs AC made the final table and cashed for $800 from a $125 buy in. I sought solace in the free drinks at the cash table whilst Mrs AC continued her run and I was truly oiled by the time she found me – dear god I love Vegas.

Most of the next 2 days were spent relaxing during the day followed by too much eating and drinking in the evenings and we didn’t want to play poker (read I did but Mrs AC didn’t) – by the time we headed to the airport on Friday we were both shattered. LAS is a great place to lose your last few bucks but a horrid place if you expect anything else (I usually fly over 100 flights a year so am still disappointed by LAS). The flight to LAX was pretty bumpy and with no drinks service we’re both parched by the time we arrive at LAX.

At the time there was no direct transfer from T4 to TBIT so we had to go through security again at TBIT – dear god that was painful but 30 mins later we’re in the one world lounge at TBIT and the pain is forgotten.

The flight back to London was a blur as I fell asleep about an hour into it and woke up 2 hours from London – I knew I’d had fun in Vegas as I rarely sleep that long on a flight. Little was I to know that the Vegas bug had bitten me and Vegas fever was about to set in – hard.

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