Friday, July 13, 2018

An American kingdom? Errr..... maybe not

For anyone that cares to ask I’d class myself as sitting on the centre-right of the socio-political scale and an economic conservative, but I’m also a realist. Career politicians are wily creatures in that most of them don’t really act with their true convictions. Most politicians just seek to get themselves re-elected so try to make popular, short term decisions whilst kicking the can of macro issues down the road long enough whilst promising the electorate that it will get sorted out in the future if only they’d get re-elected. My view of politics is that politicians should be there to make long term, unpopular decisions for the benefit of future generations. Politics should be treated a bit like jury duty – nobody really wants to do it but those doing it should act with integrity whilst listening to the facts rather than emotions. If you take the issue of re-election away from politicians then they get to act this way. It’s why a US President is seen to achieve more in his 2nd term than in the 1st following the 22ndAmendment as he can’t seek re-election. That’s the theory anyway, in reality a President still wants to see his party in control so he generally won’t take a lot of these long term views. In my utopian vision politicians should run on a campaign, deliver then handover to the next generation.

But in the absence of my ideals, democracy is probably the next best thing. Let people make their own choice and let them live with the consequences. So when our cousins across the Atlantic decided to elect an orange baboon with the personality of an escaped mental patient how we chuckled. And now the baboon has been given the honour of an invitation to visit the UK we have to show him the hospitality that is deserving of the leader of the world’s 2nd largest democracy. 

By chance a friend of mine knows someone who knows someone who attended the meeting of His Donaldness and the Queen. Unfortunately I don’t have any inside information of him exchanging his deranged views with Prince Philip (the Queen’s husband) who is known for his less than tactful comments but the conversation between the Queen (HRH) and Trump (DT) went something like this:
DT: We’re making America great again, so great, so so great.
HRH: Lovely. How is your tea? Are you ok holding the cup in your tiny hands?
DT: And I’ve got big plans for the rest of my term. It’s going to be great and it’s all my idea. It’s going to be so great, so so great.
HRH: Lovely. And what are these big plans?
DT: I’m thinking of making America great again by changing us to a kingdom. It’ll be so great, so so great.
HRH: Hmm. Maybe not. To be a kingdom you need to have a king. And you are not a king.
DT: Good point. But we need to be so great. So how about a principality?
HRH: Again – not a good idea.
DT (interrupting): A great one?
HRH: No. Definitely not. A principality needs a prince and you are definitely not a prince.
DT: OK – now I’m out of ideas. But we definitely need to be so great again. Have you got any idea what we can do?
HRH (stirring her tea): Well it seems you could remain as a country. You’ll do well.

Normal poker based drunken idiocy will resume shortly. 

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