Saturday, July 28, 2018

Being accused of soft play

There’s literally nothing to report from this session except this particular hand – at this stage I’d probably been playing for about 2 hours and for I’d barely played a hand. For about an hour I’d been chatting to the guy on my right but I’d never met him before and I didn’t even know his name.

I’m in the BB and it’s 5 or 6 way limped and I look down at 9h-2h. 2 suited cards are well above what I’ve been seeing for the last 2 hours so I’m excited. Not overly excited though so I check. Flop comes 10h-Jh-8h.

My session has been so dreadful that I’m happy to pick up a flush and once the SB checks I bet for $5. It folds round to the SB who calls. Turn is a blank, SB checks and I bet $12 which the SB calls. Given that I’ve been card dead all session all I can think of is don’t pair the board and don’t give another heart – my flush is pretty shitty so any draw gets there. I’m staring intently at the river which is another heart. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck. At least it hasn’t paired the board but my initial thoughts of fuck fuckity fuck fuck are still valid. Just my luck to get rivered again. To my amazement the SB checks – I check behind and state that any high heart gets there. 

SB says he only had top pair so I said “flopped flush” and turn over my cards. The dealer announces “straight flush wins” and pushes me the pot. The SB says nice hand and I double take my hand and to my amazement the river is 7h. I’d been so focused on what I didn’t want it to be that I’d missed the fact it had given me the straight flush – I say to him that I knew I flopped the flush but hadn’t clocked the straight flush. It’s at this point it all kicks off.

Another player (I’m not sure whether he was in the hand pre flop or not) pipes up with “that’s soft play – he (referring to me) should have raised” following up with “he should be penalised”.  

Now having laid down the hand history in black and white it’s obvious that I have a straight flush but at the time I was so obsessed with not seeing a paired board or another heart I failed to see the blatantly obvious. 

The SB pipes up and says he wasn’t calling a buck bet as he only had top pair but the complainer now comes up with “these 2 are buddies – he soft played against him and he should get a penalty”. 

I tell the complainer “I didn’t realise I had the SF. So here’s the reality – on the turn there’s $44 in the pot. The house is going to take $4 out if I don’t bet and $5 if I do. The SB has said that’s he’s not calling a bet. Do you really think I’m soft playing to save a buck?”

The SB confirms what I’ve said and confirms we don’t know each other but the complainer is still kicking off – the dealer then calls the floor and accurately relays the above. The floor person then says he’s warning me not to do it again – he believes that I’ve not done it deliberately but says any further soft play will be penalised. He’s going through the motions really to show that it’s been noted. I accept the warning given I know I’ve done something wrong, albeit inadvertently.

But this doesn’t appease the complainer – he wants me to sit out a round. WTF – I’ve been the most passive player at the table for the last hour or so (I can barely remember raising this session) so wtf does he want to achieve? No one else at the table can believe that complainer is actually still whining – they say I’ve been “reprimanded” and he should let it go.

Short of weeing in this guy’s pocket what would you have done?


  1. id let it go. nothing is going to change his mind and he might just be trying to benefit off u getting the penalty. it will cause u to lose the tourney if u dwell on it

    1. I didn’t let it get to me - as you say it’s no point riding to the bait.

      This was a cash game though - I’d sort of understand his point if it were a tournament as anyone sitting out is an advantage for the rest of the table.

      Is there even a rule about sitting out a round at a cash table?