Friday, August 17, 2018

Go and find a cheaper table

Mrs AC and I decided to take our summer holiday in the Caribbean – we settled on the Dominican Republic and were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino resort. It’s a fully all inclusive resort with Spa, golf course, pools, beach and everything you could want for a couple of weeks relaxing in the sun. Oh – it also has a poker room!

They only ran tournaments a couple of times a week and the 1st time I ventured into the poker room there was only a 2/5 cash game running. I stood watching as a couple of ultra aggressive players sat down with thousands having a willy waving competition by raising each other virtually every hand with both players generally holding air. It wasn’t a nice atmosphere and I didn’t want to leave Mrs AC alone in the casino for too long on her own given how I only wanted to play a tournament – in hindsight I should have sat down with the minimum buy in, shown some patience and waited for a hand good enough to jam with

I went back a couple of days later for a scheduled tournament – I think the buy in was something like $250 and the standard was actually pretty good. As soon as I sat down I gave Mrs AC about $200 to go and play blackjack to keep her occupied. About 10 minutes later she comes back into the poker room asking for more money. WTF? “How can you have spent that much in 10 minutes” I asked. “It’s $25 minimum” was her response. The entire table looks at her and replies in unison “Go and find a cheaper table”. Having given her some more money and told her to play a $5 table I can get some peace at the poker table – it ended up with 4 of us chopping for about $1,500 apiece so even with Mrs AC’s expensive mistake it’s a fairly decent profit for the evening and it probably just about covered our tips for the week!

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