Wednesday, September 5, 2018

She definitely had me covered

This is one of the only interesting hooker stories that I’ve got from my trips to Vegas so far. I’m actually quite surprised by this as I nearly always travel alone. How bad does my life need to be if even the hookers don’t want to approach me?

I was playing a tournament at the Venetian and had lasted quite well and made the final table – lost when I shoved from the BB with AK suited v pair of 6s (I think) and didn’t improve post flop but made the cash. Think I ended up with $400ish from a $125 buy in. I grabbed a beer as I left and headed off down the strip back towards the MGM – it’s probably around 1.30am but the strip is still quite busy.

As I headed through the mini shopping mall on the corner of Planet Hollywood where you have to use the mall to take the overpass over the road I held the door open for some folks just behind me. As I let the door go and turned round to head on south a lady comes out from the shadows and says “Hey sugar, where are you going?” Now before I proceed it’s probably best to describe myself so you can picture the scene – I’m 6 foot 1 and at the time weighed the unhealthy side of 200 pounds. This lady is about 5 foot 4 and definitely had me covered on the weight (or in boxing parlance she had a weight advantage but I had height and reach). She’s wearing a far too revealing dress that looks like it fitted properly 60 pounds ago. 

“I’m going to bed” I say. “Do you want me to come?” is her response. “Or I might get a drink first” I say. 

“Ooh I’d love a drink” is her reply. “Are you going to buy me a drink then?” I ask. “It doesn’t really work like that” she says. “Well thanks but no thanks then” I reply before walking off down the strip.

Not the most interesting encounter I know but I couldn’t help but wondering how she actually makes a living – there can only be so many people in the market for her services and surely if you’re paying you’d want the highest quality you could get? In my mind her business proposition was terrible – it would be like walking into a good steak restaurant and ordering a Big Mac but agreeing to pay as if it had been made out of Kobe A5 quality meat. From an economic perspective and working on the assumption that she can’t control supply she can only influence demand by moving the price (have a read of this article for more details ). 

Now at no stage did I ask (or care) about this lady’s cost. But I’d have laughed my beer (which I’d carried all the way down the strip from the Venetian) through my nose if she’d started anywhere near $500

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