Saturday, October 20, 2018

No one likes a shaved girl

Before I proceed I’ll describe my own hairstyle – or lack of. Although I’m far from bald I’ve had a receding hairline since my mid to late 20s. Since then I’ve always just had a buzz cut and it’s brilliant – no more time spent exchanging inane chit chat with an over priced barber, no more expensive hair products or worrying if your hair looks funny because you’ve slept on it or got it wet in the rain. But it’s even better if you travel a lot as I do – given the restrictions on carrying liquids through airport security I don’t have to utilise valuable packing space on shampoo or gel and if I’m away from home for more than a couple of weeks I can just bring my clippers to trim it myself. It also shows that I’m growing old gracefully and accepting certain inevitabilities that come with the passing of time – there’s nothing more ridiculous than a guy who is trying to fool the world (or maybe just himself) with a bad comb-over or wig.

So now to the line – I’m sat enduring a very boring poker session, being dealt no decent cards so I’m just enjoying a few beers when a couple of ladies (maybe mid to late 30s) sit down at the table in seats 4 & 6. I’m sat in seat 5 and I ask if they want to sit next to each other and they say they actually prefer to sit apart so I stay put. As long as they don’t start trying to talk through me I decide to hang in there but the lady to my left says hello and starts chatting to me. Usually the only female attention I get in Vegas is from hookers and even then it’s pretty rare but I’m happy to exchange pleasantries for a little bit. She asks what I do and not being in the mood to tell her I’m in the Colorado coastguard I tell her, I ask her and she says she’s a hairdresser. I tell her I don’t have much use for one of those and she laughs politely but says that if I grew it out I could get a decent style going on. I then tell her about it being much more convenient when I travel etc and her friend now comes into the conversation. She tells me that she also travels a lot for work and she wishes that she could do the same but “No-one likes a shaved girl”. I swear I laughed so hard half of my beer came out of my nose. A couple of the other players have heard this and are sat sniggering like Beavis & Butthead. When I regain my composure I tell her that quite a lot of men would have a differing opinion. She realises what she’s said and says she didn’t mean it that way – I laugh and protest my innocence and she’s soon chatting away as well. They were a lovely couple of ladies and made an otherwise forgettable night quite memorable.

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