Thursday, October 31, 2019

You know it’s for kids right?

I'm going to recount a conversation I had with Mrs AC a few weeks ago:

Mrs AC - Are you here on October 31?
Me - I think so. Why?
Mrs AC - there's a Halloween party and we're invited
Me - where?
Mrs AC - Such and such bar
Me - cool, as long as I'm in NY then I'll come

Now if this were in the U.K. it would have been the end of the conversation. It wasn't.

Mrs AC - what are you going to go as?
Me - eh?
Mrs AC - your costume?
Me - I was thinking bloke in a suit who needs a beer before slowly graduating to bloke in a suit who's had too many beers and needs to go home
Mrs AC - no you need to have a Halloween costume
Me - really? Can't I just turn up and drink beer?
Mrs AC - nope, everyone is dressing up. You'll look stupid if you don't have a costume
Me - I'll look stupid in a costume dressed up like kids do. You realise Halloween is for kids right?
Mrs AC - then you'll love it. You're the most immature person I know.

She's got me there.

Now I haven't been to a proper Halloween costume party since I was about 10 - I went as a skeleton. But our costumes were all homemade and therefore really shit. My costume consisted of my mum's black tights (pantyhose) with paper cut outs of bones stuck to them. Until all the bones fell off and I was just some odd kid hyped out of his head on cheap lemonade and too much candy wearing his mum's tights.

So tonight I'm off to a costume party dressed as Frankenstein's monster and I'm quite looking forward to it. There will be beer, the 49ers are on TNF and I get to spend one more night with Mrs AC who will be dressed as a witch before heading back to London on Friday and it's unlikely we'll see each other until the end of November.

And if it all goes wrong no one will be able to tell that it's me that's had too many beers under my monster costume - and at least I won't be wearing my mum's tights.

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