Friday, December 6, 2019

Leaving Las Vegas

It feels like I've been here for an eternity, but it's only been just over 3 weeks. But 3 weeks in a hotel is close enough to an eternity. It feels like I've drunk my body weight in beer, but it's only been... oh hang on.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I headed to NY, spending Wednesday with a client there and picking up Mrs AC (who I haven't seen since Halloween) before the both of us flew back to London for the long Thanksgiving weekend. We both flew back to NY on the Sunday (story on that to come as we had a very good flight) and I'm going to be there for a week before heading back home and my travelling will be done for the rest of the year. Mrs AC is flying to the U.K. for Christmas and depending on other factors I may fly back with her after the new year.

My final tally on my attempt to drink my own weight's worth of beer was the equivalent of 240.5 bottles - that's 84kg or 185 pounds against my pre challenge weight of 182 pounds (I usually weigh 13 stone give or take a few pounds). That's even more impressive considering I actually had 9 completely sober days since my challenge began on November 4. I don't think I'd have managed this at my regular pace without having people in town for the last weekend - I managed a quite frankly scary 86 bottles equivalent over a 4 day period which equates to over 1/3 of my monthly intake. Ace had postulated that I'd be raiding the bar carts on the way home to bump my numbers which I could well have done if needed but my nerd like tendencies came to the fore by tracking this all on a spreadsheet so I knew I didn't need to go nuts on the flight home (probably a good thing as I really didn't want to explain to Mrs AC why I was turbo necking drinks rather than sleeping on the short overnight flight).

Post challenge my weight had ballooned by 3 pounds but I'm attributing the gain to not walking my usual amount since I've been in LA for much of the time - in London and NY I generally walk around a lot but I find I'm either stuck in one place or using cabs all the time when I'm working in LA.

In honour of my achievement stupidity Mexico has announced that because I've drunk enough Coronas it's awarding me the Order of the Aztec Eagle (their highest civilian award) and that they are going to send His Orangeness a contribution to get his wall started - maybe it's my empty bottles as they probably reach a decent height if stacked on top of each other. No - I'm not even going to think about working out what that is before anyone asks and I certainly don't want to be searchable using the term "8 inches of Mexico's finest".

Thanks for reading and commenting over the last few weeks - having something to write up has kept me almost sane over the last few weeks. I've still got a couple of interesting stories to write up and I'll publish these shortly. I hope I've kept you entertained with my drunken exploits and maybe even inspired you to complete your own drinking challenge (but seriously don't, it's not big and it's not clever, albeit it was fun).

I'll likely be back in LA / Vegas some time in February or March next year - my liver might have recovered by then.

And if anyone knows a way of getting Super Bowl tickets please let me know - prior to Sunday's game Mrs AC was more worried than Jeffrey Dahmer's pizza delivery boy as if the 49ers kept their form up it looked like she might owe me a trip to Miami at the start of February. But now I can't see it happening although I'm certainly not showing any lack of confidence in front of Mrs AC!


  1. Wow - I can't even imagine spending three weeks in Las Vegas. Although I have taken over 100 trips to Las Vegas, I do not believe that I have ever stayed beyond six or seven nights.

  2. I couldn’t manage that long if I was in Vegas mode all the time - having some work to do kept me sober and sane between my episodes of stupidity.

    Although that long in a hotel is pretty bad - any longer and I’d have changed hotels half way through my trip. There’s an English TV character called Alan Partridge who spent so long in a hotel that he got so bored and dismantled the trouser press just for something to do

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  6. I somehow missed this celebratory post! It might be because the wife and I are running circles around our first newborn "cost centre" as you put it haha. I always chuckle when I read that phrase.

    Back to more important things: the challenge. Did I think you could do it? I really thought that you would terminate the challenge few weeks after the start.

    I can picture you in one of these but it would say: He wasn't born here (US), but he comes here to drink. Since 1925, we've proved that it doesn't matter where you come from but how much you can drink. Modelo Especial, made for men who can drink their body weight.

    Congratulation! Well done. I'd like to suggest another challenge but it might cause you some discomfort especially if you are on travel in the US. One month with zero alcohol. What says the Mighty AC?

    1. Congratulations to you and the lady - enjoy the baby time because it’s over far too quickly.

      I usually do a dry first few weeks of January as I’m often not travelling although I’ve got travel plans for January and most of February next year already and I don’t think I’ve ever done a long haul flight without a few drinks. I might try to go dry for a few weeks from mid February time as I may be home for a few weeks although that may well change - will keep you posted.

    2. Thank you. Booze body weight challenge was good for documenting.
      Not sure how much one can write about avoiding alcohol unless you dine with that client that loves to drink.

    3. A night out sober whilst he was on the booze would be my idea of hell - we’re going to a Rangers game next month and I’m already looking forward to an evening on the beer!