Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Beers resolutions

It was whilst chatting with Ace that I came up with a new booze related challenge - my last trip to Vegas entailed me drinking my own body weight's worth of beer which is detailed in my entries from November & December. 

I usually have a good few weeks without alcohol in January as I'm often not travelling but I've already got travel plans for the first couple of months of the year and I'm not sure I can cope with the tedium of long haul flights and multiple nights in hotels without having beer to keep me amused. Plus my tag line of drunken idiocy would be a bit boring if I relayed tales of drinking tea and getting early nights.

But I'm going to set myself another booze related challenge - I'm going to see how long I can make it without repeating the same drink. Now this might not be as easy as you think because I'm not always in control of what booze is on offer as quite a lot of my imbibing is done whilst I'm a few miles in the air on my travels. Given that nearly all my travel at the moment is within Europe and transatlantic I really only use 2 airlines (British Airways and American Airlines) and they have only a limited supply on board so I may have to get creative. 

I did think of allowing myself a couple of exclusions - the champagne on BA being the first. Alcohol is taxed weirdly in the U.K. and airlines take the approach of anything they serve on the ground has to have tax paid on it so the only alcoholic drink they serve preflight is champagne - first world problems I know. The BA champagne is usually very good so limiting myself to one glass for an undetermined duration would probably be classed as cruel and unusual. 

The second exemption would have been Corona - whilst its not the best beer I drink it's my go to drink at the poker table (every place serves it so I don't have to waste the waitress's time by asking her to run through their beer list, it's not overly strong so I can usually have a few over a long session and still see straight and in my mind it's healthy as it has lime in it). 

But I'm going to go with zero exceptions - I'll obviously look like some sort of nutter when I'm on my 6th different beer at the poker table (I'll likely be in Vegas some time in January and possibly February as well). I've got quite a few different brands of spirits to get through - luckily BA and AA serve different brands of gin so I can have a few G&Ts. Wine will be ok though - I just need to keep a list of those I've had and luckily there are usually a few choices on the menu on BA and these are changed quite regularly. I'll obviously not be able to open a bottle because as once I've had a glass I can't have another of the same bottle - Mrs AC may have to step up to the plate here although I don't think I'll get any complaints there! 

Beer away from the poker table will be easy though - there are a plethora of choices available at nearly every bar and I'll often only have one of a particular beer on a night out. Plus I was given a beer selection pack for Christmas so I've got about 20 different bottles and cans at home to choose from, albeit I'm only going to be spending about 8 nights at home for the whole month. 

I think my biggest challenge will be when I go out with my heavy drinking client in mid January but all I've got planned is going to a NY Rangers game which is likely to be sandwiched in between pre and post game drinks. 

Not sure how long I intend to do this but I'm going to start on January 1 and will post an update towards the end of the month. 

Happy new year to you all - hopefully you had a good Christmas and have made more sensible resolutions than me, which is probably not all that difficult! 


  1. "In my mind it's healthy as it has lime in it." Haha. Happy New Year, I took your advice and got me a present from the cost center. He was frugal with his spending but it was exactly what I wanted!

    I like the new challenge but maybe it would be easier if you had set a number of different drinks to have in a month (maybe 50?) that way you can drink the same drink when need be and still work on the challenge without need for exceptions. Happy drinking!

    1. Good work from your little one! Although the English haven’t forgiven him for this goal against us back in 86, but even we will admit that this one against us was a little bit special

      I like that idea so will do that for my next challenge but I’ll see how long I can manage mine for now, although if I manage a month I’ll be impressed with myself - I’ve got my first long haul flight of the year on Sunday so I’ll get an idea of how hard it’s going to be.

      So far I’ve been fine though - I have some big, over-sized wine glasses at home and last night I poured half a bottle into one glass (rather than the usual half an inch in the bottom) - Mrs AC gave me a look of utter disdain and called me an imbecile! It’s still one drink though so I’m not cheating - plus it saves walking back to the kitchen for a different drink!!

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    3. Ah yes, that infamous '86 game. Half bottle = 1 glass, now that's the type of math we all can get behind! haha

  2. Obviously you are still relatively young, otherwise your beer consumption would have you pissing 24/7!

    1. Haha. I think I’ve got this to look forward to - this is the character who lives in a hotel for 6 months that I mentioned a while ago.

      Although I’ve just found this as well - there are bits of it I can relate to when I’ve been drinking And from the same sketch show there’s this clip which is so like my life / work / travel that it’s quite scary.