Friday, September 3, 2021

Some sports, some sports. My kingdom for some sports

It's been ages since I last saw some live sports - the last time I was in Vegas, in fact, when I had a last minute trip and obtained an unscheduled ticket to the Fury v Wilder fight, just before everything went to ratshit back last February. 

I haven't been to see anything with Mrs AC since New Year's Day 2020 when we watched some lower league football with the friends we'd been visiting and I haven't been with the cost centres since a few months before then, when we saw our team trounced by Manchester Utd. 

But we've got something to look forward to in a few weeks time - well some of us are looking forward to it anyway. 

"I'm not doing it"
"It's so unfair"
"You can't make me"
"Even if I do go then I'm not going to enjoy it"
"You can't tell me what to do"

These were not the words of a stroppy teenager - the antagonist was Mrs AC and I need to keep her sweet because she'd kick my head in if we ever come to physical blows.

But anyway - what's prompted this from Mrs AC? She's normally as easy going as I am and is more than willing to partake in new experiences. But this isn't a new experience. Sort of anyway.

I've just told her that I've got tickets to one of the London NFL games. She's a big (no pun intended) Giants fan and we even had plans to attend the Giants v 49ers (my team) game last season before all the travel bans were implemented so we watched it from home in London instead. Therein lies the problem.

One of my sons doesn't have a particular favourite team, the other does. It's the Jets. Mrs AC doesn't particularly like the Jets, albeit she doesn't particularly like most other teams, notably the Cowboys and the Patriots (when I first started seeing Mrs AC she was surprised that a Brit liked NFL and when I said I already supported a team her exact words were "if you say the Patriots this might be our last date". I don't think she was joking either).

The rationale for my eldest son supporting the Jets are explained in this post and they are playing in London this year so those are the tickets I've just got. 

"I've just forked out a kingdom for these tickets, I'm not having them go to waste. Besides, I thought you'd be pleased that Sarah is coming with us as well" I pleaded (Sarah is my son's friend's mum and she and Mrs AC get on like a house on fire). This perked her up and I managed to seal the deal by telling her that we can have a few drinks at the game - we've only ever been to football in the U.K. where it's illegal to drink alcohol in view of the pitch although I've told Mrs AC of my previous alcohol fuelled trips to rugby and cricket. 

So if you're watching the game and see someone in a Giants jersey (she's adamant that she's wearing hers although the boys will have Jets jerseys on) in the crowd it will most likely be Mrs AC. And if the person in the Giants jersey is holding a drink, ignoring the game whilst constantly chatting to a seat mate then it will definitely be her! 


  1. The game should be fun except for the many time outs during the game so that the networks can run commercials. As PPP would say, Jet Up! 😀

    1. I’d forgotten that PPP is a Jets fan - maybe he’s jealous that I’m going? Or more likely sympathetic for having to watch them 🤣

  2. Nice to see fans back in the stands. I think I mentioned it last year, the Tennessee Titans could use more fans. The only downside is that the Jets beat the Titans this year. Norwich and Fulham alternate between the PL and the CL.

    1. Looks like a year when anything can happen in the NFL with both the Jags and Jets winning a couple of games so far - your Titans looked good against the Rams last week but I can't see anyone in our house having a team to cheer for in the playoffs!

      As a Norwich fan we've just learned to write off a season in the Premier League - I look forward to winning the Championship in 18 months though

      Big weekend for the world cup qualifiers - all you have to do is beat Portugal!! Good luck

    2. I was hoping for a miracle win by Ireland yesterday so a tie Sunday would be good enough. It wasn't meant to be. Sunday it is, as a 6 to 1 underdog!