Thursday, January 6, 2022

Of mice (in the attic) and men

Just when it was starting to look better somebody has obviously fucked with the game settings and we look like we're going backwards in terms of the world opening up.

Our original Christmas plans were to have visitors from the US at home in London before travelling to Paris for a few days but France shut their borders to travellers from the UK - what do they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?

On Christmas Eve we picked up our guests (Mrs AC's best friend plus boyfriend from NY) from Heathrow having given them strict instructions not to have found out the score to the previous night's 49ers v Titans game. Given that Mrs AC and our friends are all Giants fans they seem to have lost most of their interest in the NFL season by now - I wonder why that could be? My interest is waning now given that the 49ers need to beat the Rams this Sunday or hope for an unlikely Saints loss.

Mrs AC had been itching to decorate the house with Christmas decorations since just after Halloween but I put her off until after Thanksgiving. When I retrieved the decorations boxes from the attic I found traces of some uninvited guests - mice! Oh joy. I put a couple of traps up there and I've been finding one every few days so lord knows how many of the little fuckers are up there - I lost count at 12 and we had a shock one morning when there was an utter racket coming from the attic. It turned out that the trap had caught one without killing it and it was dragging the trap around the attic trying to escape!

Christmas was pretty relaxing, followed by a few days in London doing touristy things then driving down to Stonehenge where we met up with friends who then came back to London with us and stayed for New Year.

But now the house is quiet as Mrs AC has travelled back to NY for work for a couple of weeks and it's just me and the ever dwindling mouse population as I'm not confident that I've killed them all yet. If I keep finding them I may need to invite my mother to stay so she can kidnap a neighbour's cat but I'm afraid that the cure will be worse than the symptoms. 

Anyway - happy new year all and I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. 


  1. Wow - I think we maxed out at two or three when we had mice. Once they build a nest and start breeding though - watch out!

    Wishing you and yours the best in the new year! 😀

    1. Thanks Lightning - hope you and your family have a great 2022

      There are definitely more up there as the bait keeps disappearing without the trap being triggered. I think I'm now just running a snack bar for a super smart mouse!

      The one good bit is there's no sign of them in the rest of the house -yet!!

  2. I wonder if Steinbeck was a 49ers fan lol. That loss to the Titans could have knocked you out but by now, it's history. Yesterday's game was the one you'll remember. Big win! I can say the new year has been bittersweet. Titans are the number 1 seed but another number 1 was sent home from the kangaroo kingdom.

    1. We've effectively been in knockout mode since losing to the Titans. And as the 49ers are prone to do they don't like to win easily but at least the last couple of games have been pretty memorable. I don't hold out too many hopes for our chances this weekend and we've got the worst time slot from a UK perspective - 1.30am start. Yuck!

      The Novak situation is weird in that it's political rather than dictated by the sport. There was virtually no news around Varacova getting the same treatment but she's obviously not as high profile.

      Did you see that a Serb businessman has bought Southampton? You might need to add a team to your supporting list!

    2. I only read about it after you mentioned it here, very interesting. I watched a USA vs Ireland cricket match on YouTube. Not bad...but I don't know if I could stomach a game that lasts 5 days.