Sunday, February 4, 2024

My name is AC and I have an alcohol problem

Greetings all - it's been a while since I posted but the past few years have been bonkers both work wise and personally but now it's time to admit that I have a major problem.

I'm not talking about being ready for 10 steps and submitting myself to almighty Jebus and praising dog (also whilst admitting my dyslexia) but it's actually time to stand up and say "My name is AC and I have an alcohol problem".

The major problem is that I've become a lightweight. There - I've taken the first step. My tolerance for alcohol is probably at the lowest it's been in my adult life. I'm rubbish at drinking now - my monthly intake barely covers what I used to put away during a lunchtime and still be productive in the afternoon. I'm ashamed of myself. And it needs to change pretty damn sharpish.

This came to a head last weekend when I had an absolute shocker - I'd barely had a drop all month before meeting some friends for beers on Friday night. I managed to be home by 9.30pm despite only having met up just after 6. Then on the Sunday I thought I was being sensible by waiting all day for a beer before the NFL championship games - the 49ers playing at 11.30pm UK time with the early game starting at 8. I cracked a beer open mid way through the 1st quarter of the Chiefs v Ravens game and settled in for an anticipated 3am finish. By half time I was ready for bed - halftime in the AFC game!  I'd barely managed 2 beers and a whole hour of sport! I'm rubbish and I really don't like it. 

Which is why I have a plan: get your ass to Mars then go to the Hilton and flash that Brubaker ID at the desk - that's all there is to it.

No. Wait. Hang on. I'm pretty sure Mars isn't habitable yet and even if it is there's probably a dearth of decent beer and poker options. 

I mean Vegas don't I? I need to get my ass to Vegas. That has beer and poker if I totally recall correctly.

I've been to Vegas once since the big C (fuck me was that really 4 years ago?) and that was for under 24 hours which although profitable and alcohol fuelled is a distant memory. Or has my memory been erased by Richter? No - I really was in Vegas 2 years ago and it's definitely a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

So this is where I need to get myself match fit and ready for a big surprise - I'm in the middle of organising something that will have me in Vegas for a couple of weeks a month for the next couple of years. I've got a bit of planning to do but hopefully I'll make a return in June or July this year but I've got a load of logistics to sort out in the meantime.

So I need to up my drinking game so that I'm ready for the carnage that my liver has missed out on - I'll be starting next weekend whilst watching the 49ers hopefully avenging the loss from 4 years ago and I'll be partaking in quite a few beers - so many so that it's going to make me wish that I had three hands.

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  1. Good to see you are still alive and well. 😃
    Las Vegas has changed significantly since your last visit -- and not for the better. Higher prices. Suspect service. More low lifes populating the Strip. However, overpriced alcohol is still readily available, so fear not.
    The aging process has no escape hatch. Enjoy your alcohol. Just take some naps. 😀