Friday, August 3, 2018

A mad Saturday

This is the day after the moth massacre – having almost broken my neck slipping over in the shower trying to swot a moth I head over to the Mirage about 10am. There’s a decent structure tournament there that also has a big starting stack so allows quite a good time to play properly before becoming a pray and play shovefest.

Having registered for the tournament I pop to the bar for a bloody mary – always a good way to start the day in Vegas. There’s a guy next to me playing VBJ that looks and smells like he’s been there for 2 days straight – he’s moaning that he’s only allowed 1 comped drink per hour and that he’s lost so much money that he should be allowed more drinks. Geez buddy it’s half 10 in the morning. If you’re going to get drunk and arsey at least wait till the afternoon like I do. I really don’t understand some people – if you want a drink then pay for a drink or be smart about your machine use and go to a place where they will comp you a drink more than once an hour. Or maybe you’re a gambling addicted, degenerate alcoholic that can’t think that clearly.

The tournament did not go well – could barely hit a flop or when I did I’d get outdrawn meaning I was down 50% of my chips in an hour. On the button I look down at AA and 3 bet about 8 BBs (starting at 25ish) – get 4 callers (SB, BB & UTG+1 who was the initial raiser). Flop comes Q-8-2 rainbow. BB leads out, UTG+1 folds and I shove, SB folds and BB calls to table Q-4 off. So you called a preflop 3 bet with the original raiser still to act holding Q-4 off and then a post flop shove – wtf?? Naturally I get rivered when another Q falls and I’m out of there – there’s a waiting list for a cash game so I decide to head over the road to Harrah’s. It’s probably only 12.30 so the day is still young.

Over at Harrah’s they are just opening up a game and we’re sat for about 20 mins waiting for enough seats to fill. The good thing is the waitress has already come round twice in those 20 mins so I’m topping up my alcohol levels nicely. Once the game gets going it’s fairly nitty to start with – it seems to be full of regs just playing for hours credit – small raises aren’t getting called preflop but within an hour or so there’s a few looser players to open up the game. There’s a new guy about 2 or 3 places to my right opening nearly every pot when I look down at 2-2 whilst on the button. New guy raises to $6 and I call as does the BB and 1 MP limper. Flop comes 2d-10d-5s. Original raiser bets $15 and I call – BB & MP fold. Given this guy’s regular preflop action he could have any 2 cards so I only flat call here – if he’s on any sort of draw he’s always calling a raise and if he’s got air I still want him in the hand. I don’t like the turn of 8d so again just call his bet of $35. The river is a fantastic 2 and villain once again leads out with a $50 bet. I tank for a bit then put a raise in to make it $100 – villain instamucks claiming he had a small flush but I think he may well have had air. I check with the dealer to see if they have any high hand jackpots (they don’t) before mucking.

I picked up a few decent hands but was only winning the blinds and limps – one guy to my right actually asked me why I always bet when 4 people have limped because I was doing it so much and not getting called!! 

What with the regular drinks service and getting decent hands I wasn’t going to move anywhere else – the only problem with Harrah’s is that the poker room is quite a way from the nearest bathroom. I could have started turning down free drinks but I wouldn’t be able to look at myself straight in the mirror.

Only one other hand to note – picked up AA UTG and get 3 callers – BB, MP and button. Flop is Ac-10c-2d, BB checks and I bet, MP folds, button calls and BB folds, Turn is Jc – yuck. I check and button surprisingly checks behind. River is the case A – I bet and the button calls. I immediately announce 4 aces and she mucks without saying anything – I’m far too drunk by this stage to work out what she had but given she called a bet of $50 on the river I regret not betting more.

Not much poker to report after that but I decide to call it a day at 2am and I’ve been playing for over 14 hours and my liver is starting to complain after all the beers it’s had to cope with. I take my beer with me (mainly for protection on the walk over the flyover back to the Rio) and stumble off into the night

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