Wednesday, August 29, 2018

One jackass doesn’t want to chop

I’ve posted previously about an encounter in the men’s room during the break in a poker tournament here I seem to attract these sorts of nutters – when I come to power there will definitely be harsh punishments for those breaking my men’s room etiquette of eyes front, no talking and more than 2 shakes is effectively masturbation. But until I do come to power I’d better get used to the nutters.

As I walk into the men’s room one of the other players is describing the current situation of our tournament to a friend of his. Not very accurately I might add. And that’s where the jackass line comes up – that jackass he’s describing is me. In his mind it might make sense, to anyone actually at the poker table his rationale makes no sense whatsoever. He also doesn’t know I can hear him.

So we’re on a break during the later stages of a lunchtime tournament at TI – you know the drill that I use these sorts of tournaments to get some beers in with maybe some poker on the side and it generally works. The standard is on the poor side of variable but at least I can drink my entry fee in beer over the course of a couple of hours. There’s 6 players left fighting over a $1,650ish prizepool with 3 getting paid without a deal being done. An even chop would give everyone about $200 profit on their buy in. But today I’m running well, playing well and getting calls when I’ve got good hands which is a rarity in itself and I’m sat on about 150k of the 300k in table chips – there’s no way I’m agreeing to an even chop. Which apparently makes me a jackass. Or it does in the eyes of this guy who’s been pestering for a chop for a good ½ hour. 

As soon as we sit down from the break he brings it up again “Why won’t you chop?” “I will” I reply, “just not down the middle. I’ve got half the chips (around 30BBs) in play so why should I get the same as someone with 4BBs?” I ask.  He doesn’t seem to understand this. “Plus you called me a jackass”. 

Now I’ve probably been called every name under the sun at some stage of my life and it really doesn’t bother me – just do it to my face and if you do insult me please don’t then deny it. He denies it. “When?” he asks. “When you told your friend that you were only just behind the chip leader whilst you were in the men’s room” I reply. Now he goes a funny colour. He didn’t say much after that apart from all in when holding QQ and got called by someone’s AK which improved.

We ended up 4 way chopping during the next level – there were 3 players with similar chip stacks and I had roughly double so I took $500 to everyone else’s $380ish. I probably did myself out of a few bucks but was quite happy with the result.

As an aside I find it incredulous that many poker players are incapable of doing simple maths when suggesting a chop and can’t work out chip equitable payouts. Every chop calculation I’ve been involved in I’ve been the one to work out the payouts – this might be me being a control freak but some players seem amazed at the simplicity (I always write my workings down and ask someone to double check them so I can’t be accused of manipulation). 

So – would anyone have done this differently?

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