Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Episode 3 - Fun without alcohol is a lie

Dear god poker is boring. Thanks Ace - you've ruined it for me 😄. I was more than happy in my blissful ignorance about my excessive alcohol consumption. (I actually get a very detailed medical done every year and I've never had the doctor raise even the smallest of concerns so hopefully I'll continue my 100% success rate at being immortal).

I got the idea of totalling up my beer consumption and posting a running total throughout my month in Vegas and I started to worry myself - my propensity to drink is unnerving so I thought I'd take a few days off the booze to let my body recover since I'd been on the sauce from Thursday evening through Saturday.

So after overdoing the booze on Thursday, Friday & Saturday last weekend I decided to not drink for the next few days. I'd normally do this at home without a second thought but I usually don't do it when I'm travelling.

Not even a solitary beer - I have literally no self control so none is actually easier than just being sensible and only having 1 or 2 beers.

On Sunday I decided to play poker again - sober. I don't think I've played poker stone cold sober in Vegas ever before - those free beers have always lured me with their Sirens' song. Dear god it was dull, my table mates were as interesting as dishwater and their jokes were as funny as a sharp pain in the chest and left arm area. I need beer, but for once I'm going to resist its allure.

I just about managed a 3 hour session on Sunday afternoon but it was painful. It just wasn't fun. The waitress actually asked me if I was ill when I ordered a soft drink rather than a beer.

I'm not doing that again, whilst I'll be working (and therefore not playing poker) all week I'm more than capable of not having a beer but you can bet your last dollar that the next time I'm at the poker table it will be with a bottle of beer in my hand and a smile on my face because poker fun without alcohol is just a lie.


  1. I thought the challenge would either be abandoned quickly or completed on the plane at the end of the month as you head back to London!

    1. Haha. I’m imagining having to raid every drinks trolley in a desperate attempt to get my numbers up

      Or I could attempt beating the urban myth of an Australian cricketer sinking 52 cans on a flight from Australia to the UK back in the 80s https://www.cricketcountry.com/articles/david-boon-downs-52-cans-of-beer-on-a-single-flight-307274?

      Hmm. Even I’m not that daft!

      Or am I? Find out soon on the new adventures of AyeCaramba getting banned from all flights over US airspace!

    2. Now, that is an accomplishment!

  2. I had to pee just reading about how much beer you drank!