Sunday, March 22, 2020

It’ll feel just like being in Vegas

This was the sight that greeted me down the beer aisle when I'd fought off the zombie hordes at the supermarket on my return to London - screw getting a lifetime's supply of toilet paper or enough hand sanitiser to clean up even the most germ ridden of children. I wanted booze - Lots of it. I'm certainly not stock-piling or panic buying but the only thing that's going to make an enforced extended stay at home slightly bearable is the thought of getting a few beers in me every evening (something I actually rarely do at home but given I effectively can't travel for at least a month I need something to keep my spirits up). I've also got a cell mate - Mrs AC who decided against travelling back to NY and will probably be here for the duration as well. So booze is going to be the thing that keeps up both sane.

So back to the supermarket - the only large packs of beer they had left was Corona. It seems that the UK has reached peak stupidity as well given everything else has been cleaned out so I filled my trolley with that - I did ask the manager if I could get a bulk buying discount given no one else was touching the stuff but I just got laughed at. Now I rarely even drink Corona in the UK, let alone at home, but it's usually my go-to drink at the poker table - every place has it so I don't have to waste a waitress's time asking what beers they have plus it's not overly strong so I can drink quite a few and still be able to see straight enough at the cards.

So after the kids have gone back to their mum's I'm going to play the video poker app I've got on my phone, tell Mrs AC to put on something skimpy and tip her a buck every time she brings me a beer - it'll feel just like being in Vegas!

I haven't told Mrs AC yet that she's going to role play as a Vegas cocktail waitress for the evening - I might need to ply her with something much stronger in order for her to agree. It's a good job the spirits aisle was well stocked on my shopping trip!

What are everyone's plans for getting through this?


  1. You might want to give her something a little stronger to drink, then start reminiscing about places like Spearment Rhino.😄

    1. Haha. I’m going to try my luck slowly - the last thing I need is a pissed off Mrs AC.

      This is actually the longest we’ve ever spent with each other in one hit and she hasn’t killed me yet so I must be doing something right!

      Not sure she’ll feel the same way if we’re stuck here for months on end though!

  2. Corona is a good start but I am looking forward to the cocktail our mighty leader said is a game changer, Hydroxychloroquine with a splash of Azithromycin. Try ordering that from Mrs. AC!

    1. Haha. Or try even saying that after a few coronas!

      We in the civilised world don’t allow the direct marketing of prescription drugs to the general population - but there’s no way I’m going to a doctor unless I’m seriously ill as you’re more likely to pick up something contagious there as it’s always full of sick people!!