Monday, October 1, 2018

First hand madness

It’s my favourite afternoon drinking session (or the lunchtime tournie at TI if that makes more sense)  I’ve posted before about a double up on the 1st hand but this was just crazy.

Again I’m UTG and have barely sniffed my 1st beer when I look down at QQ. I raise to 325 (starting stack of 10k and blinds at 25-50) - some may see this as an over-raise but the standard of play at these tournaments is pretty low and a standard 2.5 BB raise would probably see the entire table call – and I get 2 callers, the button and the BB.

Flop comes Qd-10d-4s – BB checks and I’m not slow playing with a flush draw on the board so I bet 650 into a pot of 1,000 and the button calls. BB shoves!!! Now I’ve played against the BB before and he’s quite nitty but there’s no way he’s shoving on a draw given how early on we are in the tournament and I’ve never seen the guy who’s on the button before. I obviously call and the button calls as well.

BB shows 44 for a flopped set and the button shows Q-10 – absolutely perfect scenario for me as I only need to fade the case 4 or running 10s. Turn and river are both blanks and I scoop a triple up. Next hand I’m dealt KK whilst in the BB – everyone limps in and I try to act like the big stack bully by raising to about 700 hoping that someone has a hand worth reraising with, unfortunately my luck is out and everyone folds. I actually show my hand (I rarely do this) – it gives the impression that I’m not trying to steal and might be useful later on. 

Has anyone ever seen better than a triple up during the 1st hand of a tournament?

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