Friday, October 5, 2018

I’ve already told you my hand - why would you raise?

I’d been playing for about 2 hours and had been pretty card dead so I was down about $80 from my initial buy in of $300 at a 1/2 table. I was on the button and this was going to be my last round before I headed out to dinner. There’s a raise in MP to $8, the cut-off calls and I look down at Ad-10d. I call and the BB calls as well. There’s 2 diamonds on the K high flop so I’m already getting excited. BB leads out for $22, MP folds, C/O calls and I call. Turn is a blank and the BB leads out for $65, C/O thinks about it for a bit (I’m internally screaming for him to call) but folds. I say “I wish you’d called” to the C/O but to his credit he says nothing. At this point I know the maths is bad – I’m being asked to pay $65 to win $164 less the rake (I will often ignore implied odds at lower stakes as a lot of players are so scared of 3 suited cards on the deck that they will usually shut down any future action) but I’ve been card dead for so long that I want to see the river. I take a gamble and as I call I say to the BB “if I wasn’t drawing to the nuts I wouldn’t”. As soon as the words come out of my head I want to kick myself – damn you free drinks*!! 

The river is a lovely diamond and although I feel dirty (not for hitting but for getting the wrong price) I’m chuffed that I’ve finally won a decent sized pot. I’m now doubly regretting my words as the BB obviously checks. I’m holding the nuts so I have to bet (don’t want to be accused of soft play again so I bet $35 – now even if I’d said nothing on the turn this has a made flush value bet screaming out loud. The BB thinks for a few seconds and I expect him to fold but he raises!!! He slides out $100. I double check the flop to ensure there’s no straight flush possible (not that I believe in monsters under the bed) – the board isn’t paired and I’ve definitely got the nuts. So I announce all in and the BB calls – I show and he mucks and immediately leaves the table. As the chips are being pushed to me half the players are left opened mouthed – they’d all heard what I said on the turn and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I said that I felt stupid for talking on the turn but maybe he thought it was just speech-play. The C/O says he knew it wasn’t (he’d folded K-10) and that there’s no way he could believe how the betting transpired on the river.

I was heading out to dinner so didn’t see if the guy came back to ask what he had but any idea what he might have held? My best guess is a flush or small set – he’s called from the BB with 2 callers to a raise so effectively he could hold any 2 cards. Given he lead the flop and turn he’s either on a draw or had a small pocket pair that hit a set. But that still doesn’t explain his river action – if he thought I was lying why not just bet the river?

Any ideas?

*Sorry free drinks – it’s never your fault – it’s always mine

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