Friday, November 9, 2018

Promoting your own home game

I’d been in LA for a week so scheduled a trip over to Vegas for the weekend – having taken an early morning flight on the Friday it was too early to check into the hotel so went off to play some poker and partake of a couple of beers.

It was a completely meh session with no real poker action to report but there was something very odd about 1 of the players at the table. I got the impression that about half the table were regs but they barely said two words to each other so not sure if they knew each other or not. The other half were tourists, One player would not shut up though – for about an hour he kept talking – he wasn’t talking to anyone directly but was constantly promoting his own home game, telling anyone within earshot that there was no rake but to tip the dealer in lieu, where it was, what limits they played, how many players they had there last night etc. Bear in mind it’s barely noon so I have no idea if it operated all day long but I really couldn’t have cared less as there was no way in the world I’m heading off to some random guy’s ranch. One of his points was that they provide food and drinks but I’m pretty sure that casinos in Vegas have free drinks covered – I might have mentioned in an earlier post how I love free drinks!

I did find it odd that the dealer didn’t tell a supervisor though – he was being far from subtle about it and surely it’s not in the casino’s interests to have someone sat at a table looking to poach their customers.

So – has anyone ever encountered something like this before and if so has anyone actually ventured out to one of these mass organised home games? Or are they still there hog tied and squealing like a piggy while Maynard and Zed have their fun?

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